Choosing the best colour for your office- Purple

Choosing the best colour for your office- Purple

Office interiors have emerged as one of the most important aspects of modern office space. The stylistic choices of shades and hues to decorate space establish your brand in the correct manner. The selection of colour can impact the employee’s behaviour significantly and improves their productivity.

Colours are the best medium to target employee’s happiness, well-being, and productivity. Just take a look at the purple colour and understand the effects added to the workplace.

Purple assumed to be the lucky colour with the variations which create a specific aesthetic in your office. We can combine many attributes in a single place combined with another vibrant colour.  The purple colour decoration serves as a sweet backdrop for vibrant shades.

We can establish the introspective space, supporting deep thinking and creativity with stimulating qualities of purple. Purple colour can spark your employee’s imagination, fuel inspiration and help them find new, refreshing ways to view your day to day problems and solutions.

People are more likely to feel happy in a purple colour room. It has also been proven to stimulate brain activity and energize the nervous system. Shades of purple, like Wine, lilac, Thistle, Mauve or even Orchid are best for those professions that have a slight risk factor associated with them, like stocks trading.

Purple is known to be the least hurtful colour to the eyes. The optical nerves will calm down and increase the amount of fluid in your employee’s eyes. Therefore nowadays purple is considered as the ideal colour for those in the field of medicine, education of finance, since it inspires a feeling of warmth, confidence, and more importantly, trust.

Be careful in incorporating too much of a rich colour. It can put a strain on your employee’s eyes and minds.  Layer bright purple with other youthful colours and establish a fun, social area. Decorate neutral lounge settings with purple accent pillows or throw rugs for an elegant touch.

We hope our suggestions to choose the purple colour for the office interior have been helpful. Now let us find a shade that adds the theme of professionalism & inspiration to your office.

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