Go Green with Home Décor

Go Green with Home Décor

Nowadays the major matter of concern is pollution. Furthermore, in this hectic schedule, people merely have time to take care of their health and spend some time in a healthy environment like gardens and greenery areas. Oxygen lacking in the air is the biggest reason for people getting sick.

We have identified a few ideas for creating a poison-free environment at your home. Let’s check out some tips to decorate your home using plants and flowers.

Plants Décor for Indoors

1. Don’t forget the corners of your living room; place the houseplants to keep the centre of your house always fresh with more content of Oxygen in the air.

2. In your indoor, say on centre table place small plants in china bowl to keep the environment rejuvenated all day and night.

3. If you are a real plant lover then you can use more than two houseplants to cover up the free space of your spacious room.

4. Don’t forget your home gallery where you roam about freely from one room to another, if you wish, you can place houseplants to reduce the carbon dioxide level in the air.

5. A unique wall décor idea with a hanging jar of plants on your empty wall can make a state symbol of your home for your guests.

6. Not only in outer rooms but your bathroom needs the houseplants too. You can fill up your bathroom space with a long plant and one would be more than enough to do so.

7. Your bedroom, the place of peace highly demands toxin-free air. You can have fresh flowers with good ambience and smell.

8.    If your kitchen is spacious carrying a window then you can go for creeper plants growing outside your window.

Plants Décor for Outdoors

1. Stepping out of the home, it’s good for your health if you have a big size garden, it can fill up the place of a park for a morning or an evening walk.

2. Not to worry if you don’t have one, but remember you a rooftop. You can manage to place as many plants as you can up on the roof.

3. An outside balcony is indeed a smart idea to place perennials.

4. Hanging plants from balcony even look more pleasant and keep the fresh environment from inside as well.

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